Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is S and I live in the great city of Atlanta, GA.  Home of the dirty birds, trap queens, southern belles, bad bitches and Chick-fil-A. [side note: g'bless the chicken biscuit] I've spent the last 12 years of my life in this amazing place.  I'm a college graduate and I work in the marketing field, yes I have a big girl job (or so I like to believe haha).  As far as my age goes I'm barely holding onto my 20s.  I swear I'm not a raging bitch... most of the time. AND YES, I was envisioning an intro similar to HOV, H to the OV.

I was dumped by my boyfriend of two years. I can thank him for sending me into this dating frenzy.  I swear I'm not mad at him at all (anymore).  I actually find all of this highly amusing even though I'm annoyed AF most of the time.  It gives me great convo pieces when brunching it up with my gal pals.

After many conversations with my girlfriends I finally decided to chronicle my dating adventures.  Most of my girls are married with kids or they've been in long-term relationships.  They basically live vicariously through me and my dating disasters.  We often end up saying "YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP" after we've dissected all of the wonderful dates I've been on.  I'm not here to "man-bash" as my male cousin likes to call it, I'm just here to share.  Dating in this day and age is pretty fucking hard. Social media is a fucking bitch [side note: I like to curse... A LOT. SNS].  I just want to let you ladies out there know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.... and some of these stories are pretty fucking funny (in my opinion).